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Sharing the Real Ex-Ex-Gay Truth

I stumbled upon this post a while ago, and it’s an easy choice for this week’s weekly reader.  Even though the weekly reader idea has been a little bit less than weekly I suppose.  Bi-weekely reader?  Occasional reader?  Anyway, here’s something I found on the internet that you should read.  The post itself is a guest post at Little Did She Know, a blog I don’t actually follow all that often.

In this post, Julie Rodgers shared her story.  The one where she came to terms with the reality that she was not as ex-gay as she had said she was, rather publicly.  At this point she had been so involved in Ex-gay ministry that people knew her.  What people knew was that she had been attracted to women and that she or God was changing her orientation.  Except that she knew that she still liked girls.  And she said this:

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Vicky Beeching: An Exemplary Coming Out Move

In case you missed it, Vicky Beeching did an interview with the Independent August 13,  in which she announced that she is in fact attracted to women.  A subsequent film interview gave her story and a somewhat passionate debatewith anti-gay preacher Scott Lively.  Coming about a year after the World Vision fiasco (remember when World Vision announced that they would allow gay folks to work for them RHE’s comments on this here, only to reverse the decision in an few days due to the number of dropped sponsorships and overwhelmingly negative response online??? RHE’s update here), I expected my news feed to be full of hateful responses, or at least a call to boycott her music.  I’ve waited all month and it seems as though none of my conservative friends are outraged by this.  Perhaps no one really knows who the artist is who sings this song or that?  Perhaps because she’s been out of Christian music for almost 5 years no one cares?  I’m sure she’s gotten negative responses, but it’s been surprisingly refreshing not to have to read them all over my news feed.  Yet there’s almost a dread when I open Facebook as though I’m waiting for the ignorant to realize there’s something new to hate on.

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