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David P Gushee at Reformation Project – Read it, Love it, Share it

This is stellar and amazing.  If you read nothing else this weekend, read this.  There’s been quite a buzz lately about Mercer Ethics professor David P Gushee, a leading ethicist for Southern Baptists, deciding to support same-sex relationships and marriages.  He has published a book and last weekend he spoke at the Reformation Project gathering in DC.  His talk exploded my twitter feed so when the transcript popped up online I was eager to see what the fuss was about.

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Sharing the Real Ex-Ex-Gay Truth

I stumbled upon this post a while ago, and it’s an easy choice for this week’s weekly reader.  Even though the weekly reader idea has been a little bit less than weekly I suppose.  Bi-weekely reader?  Occasional reader?  Anyway, here’s something I found on the internet that you should read.  The post itself is a guest post at Little Did She Know, a blog I don’t actually follow all that often.

In this post, Julie Rodgers shared her story.  The one where she came to terms with the reality that she was not as ex-gay as she had said she was, rather publicly.  At this point she had been so involved in Ex-gay ministry that people knew her.  What people knew was that she had been attracted to women and that she or God was changing her orientation.  Except that she knew that she still liked girls.  And she said this:

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An Introduction to Gay Christians

There are gay Christians out there.  They are actually Christians who read the whole Bible and pray and practice spiritual disciplines.  There are people who take the Bible pretty seriously and support gay relationships (committed, monogamous gay relationships usually) .   Gay Christians aren’t dancing around naked wearing beads and holding a Bible that consists of 2 verses.  I had no idea.  What can I say, I live in really conservative circles.  No one talks about gay Christians and when they do they portray them as the antichrist – evil people who have completely turned the Bible on end to suit their own purposes.  That’s what I thought when I first saw this post.  The image I had in my head involved snapshots I’ve seen from pride parades plus tacky crosses.  I didn’t read the post for a while, but finally my curiosity got the best of me.

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