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Why I’m Church Hunting Again, or Why I left my Church This Time

Cloghane: St Brendan’s Church © Copyright Nigel Cox and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons

I find myself embarking on a Church hunt yet again.  I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on this in the future, but for now I just want to express why it is that I felt a need to leave the place I was attending in the first place.

I was raised to believe that Church membership is a commitment not to be trifled with.  That could be why I’ve never joined a church.  Growing up, my parents were members of a church that practiced believer’s baptism (as opposed to infant baptism), and would baptize teenagers, but reserved membership for those over 18.  So I was baptized, but went away to college before I joined that church.  That fellowship of churches is rather limited to certain geographic areas, so I find myself now living in a region that doesn’t really have any of those churches.  Other denominations I was around growing up practiced believers baptism linked to church membership.  Some of these churches had standards of dress and other guidelines for their members – head coverings and plain dresses for the women, restrictions on the colors of cars, no TV, and various other guidelines.  It was obviously a big deal when my friends decided to be baptized and join their church when it meant they would be submitting to these guidelines.  Continue reading


Here Goes Nothing…

I was in the internet generation.  I knew how to put ideas on the internet before wordpress existed.  I had a geocities site.  I used ICQ.  Honestly, when things like facebook and twitter came out, I was rather underwhelmed.  How is that so different from what I’ve been doing for years?  I wrote my first computer game in 1995.  I designed a webpage in HTML in 2001.  And was rather unimpressed.
The ability to create web content means nothing if your content has no value.  The fact that you have posted something to the web is meaningless if you have no hits.  I knew that. Perhaps better than most. Continue reading