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The Gap

“The greater the gap between the person they think you are and the person you actually are the greater will be your anxiety, depression, feelings of shame, and guilt.”  These words spoken by one of the most famous American women of my adolescent years, Monica Lewinski, have been rolling around in my mind lately.  I think she meant them pretty differently than I experience them, but they ring quite true in my life.

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David P Gushee at Reformation Project – Read it, Love it, Share it

This is stellar and amazing.  If you read nothing else this weekend, read this.  There’s been quite a buzz lately about Mercer Ethics professor David P Gushee, a leading ethicist for Southern Baptists, deciding to support same-sex relationships and marriages.  He has published a book and last weekend he spoke at the Reformation Project gathering in DC.  His talk exploded my twitter feed so when the transcript popped up online I was eager to see what the fuss was about.

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It’s Just The Rain

Why does everything always have to have a perfect and complex explanation?  Something bad happens and we want to know exactly how to fix it and prevent it next time.  I suppose that’s how we become better people, learning from our mistakes.  But sometimes it’s a little extreme, isn’t it?  Some things don’t have an obvious cause that is easy to fix.  I catch myself trying to figure  out how to solve problems that are simply beyond my control.  People get mad, things break, and there’s just not anything I can do about it.

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Lessons from the Slavery Debate

In the years I spent as a student of history, I learned a lot about the Biblical defense of slavery.  I had primary sources from Godly southern men who wrote wonderful prose defending their slave holding preferences.  The most fascinating piece was an excerpt from a seminary textbook, teaching pastors how to defend slavery from the pulpit.  It was a chapter right between such topics as marriage and stewardship.  In that day, powerful southern churches defended the practice of slavery and could lay out scripture to back up their claims.  I’m sure if they’d have had Facebook back then, it would have been full of blog links and status updates and wars waged by comments.

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The Ex-ex-gay Club

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