Faith here, thanks for stopping by.  I started this blog to add my thoughts to the conversation about Christianity and homosexuality, from the perspective of a woman who likes women.  As I’ve been thinking through what that all means, I’ve decided that my faith is too important to me to toss it aside in pursuit of my authentic sexual identity.  Instead, I have been working out my sexual identity within the framework of my faith.  I have however decided to stop blindly accepting the words of any one Christian as truth and explore for myself what truth actually is.

So, on this blog, you’ll find some of my ideas, perhaps some insight into what it is like for me to live as a Christian woman who likes women, and things which I have read that have been helpful to me in this thought process.  I’m certainly not out to transform anyone’s thinking.  However, if you are thinking, I hope to share some additional things to think about.  I don’t get any money for this and the books and articles I recommend have honestly been helpful to me.

So, I hope you will have a look around, share your thoughts, and maybe even come back for more.


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